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Grain Trailer32 foot and 34′ grain trailers with a single hopper and two doors is our exclusive hopper bottom grain trailer configuration. Farmers get over 1000 bushels of commodity hauling capacity in a compact grain trailer. Integrity Sales and Service’s Manufacturing Division offers grain trailer assembled with the time-tested and proven Agri-Traders design. Call us today at -866-792-5093

We custom build a stainless steel grain trailer. If you need to haul commodities year-round: get the extra durability and protection of a stainless steel grain trailer! Our Canadian customers agree that having an option to haul grain in Canada with a stainless steel hopper bottom grain trailer offers an unmatched value. We build your new stainless hopper trailer with our strong Agri-Traders stamped rib side walls. Our stainless steel grain trailer can be order in almost any axle setup you desire; single axle, tandem, tridem/tri-axles, four axles and more! We custom build grain trailers for Michigan, Canada, the entire United States, and internationally.

Stainless Steel Grain Trailer